Cuz'n Bettina (Bettian)10/16/2007 19:13
 Stephen, So great to know what a talented and creative cuz'n I have. I guess it runs in the family...check out my bro Joe's site(your cuz) and his new creative novel about the mob and New England. We are truly blessed having you guy 
 Dave McNair (exnavydiver)9/21/2007 17:32
 Stephen, you must have been in the last Zero class at DC, I was in the last 1st class class. Hoo Yah. Will check out your books, have read Waterman's book 'Just A Sailer' and look forward to reading yours. Waterman was also a U/W team member, I homest 
 Dr. Deborah Richmond Foulkes, FSA Scot4/11/2007 17:05
 Great site...look forward to reading some great adventure stories.  
 Sweet Pea11/22/2006 21:36
 Happy Thanksgiving!!!!I can not wait till tomorrow to fill myself with food.I love the books and the names of them. The names of them are very creatful. I wonder how you think of them? Because I would not be able to think of something like that. I love y 
 Amanda 8/12/2006 19:53
 Love Ya and your books u rock daddy xoxoxoxoxoxo 
 Amanda 7/24/2006 08:59
 The books rocked and they are wonderful gifts!!!!!!!!! Love Ya  
 Hope Adkins11/24/2005 20:24
 Lonnie and I were just remembering the summer spent with "Our lady of Perpetual motion" over Thanksgiving dinner at our daughter's house. He's here with his third wife...I'm still single after 18 years. I was so excited to hear about you...congrats  
 Jenny ;-)11/22/2005 05:56
 Hey hon....looking good!!! You know I wish you ALL the best in the world. Keep up the good work. Hugs, Jenny 
 Terri Copeland11/15/2005 12:22
 Love the site Stephen. I wish you all the best, but you know that anyways. Can't wait for what is next. 
 Bootyful11/1/2005 10:21
 Love the site hot stuff. 
 Bill10/22/2005 16:43
 An awesome site, Stephen. Best of luck to you. 
 Audrey9/17/2005 00:23
 Great site, The Titanic Pictures are amazing and of course I have already read both of your books, cannot wait for the next one! 
 Jeff Cohen10/12/2004 16:07
 Congrats on the book--I hope you are doing well. If you are who I think you are, drop me a line. I ended up being career Air Force, currently assigned to the Pentagon. 
 K.W.(Sam) Hearth6/20/2004 11:53
 Just saw your entry on my Email, diver's site, I'll check out your book, sounds good. Started diving in'56 retired in '77. Instructed at DSDS, Wash. D.C., '71-'74 and met lots of great people. To me the Diving navy is the only way to go. 
 New Jersey4/23/2004 14:00
 i realy lyk ur site and it helped me alot with my science project. it is about deep sea exploration. thanx alot!!!! i will definatly mention this site to other students. the pics r great. 
 John Finn3/25/2004 15:41
 Steve, Great site. Very glad to hear about the book. Long time coming. Say Hi to Robbie for me. Be Well. 
 Richard Gillis, HTCS (DV) Ret.2/26/2004 09:39
 Good luck with your book sales and it's good to run into an old shipmate. Hooya Deep Sea Rich 
 Jimmy Gordon2/4/2004 12:40
 Just got the book, looking good so far. Great story line and nice site by the way!!!! 
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