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Bravo TWO Sierra. Only a madman would attack a US Naval vessel in the middle of a raging hurricane. In Bravo TWO Sierra, Santana Roja is that madman. Out for revenge on the one man who never even knew he existed, Roja and his crew of Satan-worshipping pirates wreak havoc from the lush rain forest of Honduras to the Hurricane flats off the Straits of Florida. Bravo TWO Sierra fulfills the premise: ABSOLUTE REVENGE DESTROYS ALL.  Free Preview!!

 $16.95 + $4.95 shipping/handling (per copy)
 $16.95 + $6.95 shipping/handling (per copy)
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Read a Review of This Book
Code Alpha. Fifty odd years ago in the hell that was Korea, a mind altering experiment is performed on American Prisoners of War.  Today, Speaker of the House James Hingam is the last survivor of that select group.  As the post hypnotic suggestion sits like a dragon's egg waiting to hatch, the final component to North Korea's latest attempt to win her war with the world is about to take place - the assassination of the President of the United States.

Code Alpha draws us into the tortured mind of Lt. Brad O'Rourke.  A Navy salvage diver who is the lone survivor of an attack on his first ship, Brad fights to keep his nightmares at bay.  A sunken fishing boat filled with stolen government supplies and a dead Marine hooks Brad up with NCIS Special Agent Carolyn Hodge.  The two piece together and uncover the conspiracy to make Hingam North Korea's unwitting pawn.  Free Preview!!

 $16.95 + $4.95 shipping/handling (per copy)
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