Ahoy mates. Welcome to my bio page. For those of you that crave the minutiae of a person’s life – well, here’s a taste.

I was born on 26 March 1956 in Chelsea, Massachusetts. I have two sisters and one brother, a grunch of cousins, nieces, nephews and a few godchildren thrown into the mix. I had a dog when I was a kid who lived to the ripe old age of eighteen years old. Duchess was a mixed English setter and some rooster that got in the hen house so we never knew what breed the father was – I guess that was the reason for her longevity. I grew up in Winthrop, Massachusetts, a little sea side town just outside of Boston and used as an approach way for Logan International Airport. Growing up next to Boston Harbor, I grew to love being in, on, under and around the sea. I can’t imagine living anywhere other than next to the ocean.

Upon graduating Winthrop High School in 1974, I headed for the sunny south and (at the time) a small all boys school on the Ashley River in Charleston, SC. called The Citadel. I graduated in 1978 with my B.S. in Biology. I promptly joined the Navy and traded in the steamy summers of Charleston for the last frigid winter class at the Naval School, Diving & Salvage. Located in the picturesque Washington Navy Yard, in Washington D.C., the polluted water of the Anacostia River was the crucible that separated the goats from the sheep. There I was taught the magical art of ship salvage, and best of all, the opportunity to tap dance in the two hundred and five pound spun copper helmeted MK V Deep Sea Diving Rig. After slogging it out in the knee-deep river silt, I headed for the fleet. For the next seven and a half years, I served aboard various salvage ships and shore installations participating in aircraft recovery, ships husbandry and long ocean tows. The highlight of my naval career was when I was assigned as Officer in Charge of the underwater survey of the USS ARIZONA in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. This joint effort between the National Parks Department and US Navy was the first official survey of the memorial in over forty years. The result of which can be viewed as a three dimensional model of the ship as she rests today, on display in the ARIZONA Memorial Museum.

In 1985, I left the Navy, returned home to Winthrop, and joined my family’s insurance and tax preparation business. Two years later, I literally married the girl next door – Ok, she lived eight doors away, but she was still on the same street! I have two magnificent children Kyle and Amanda.

The greatest adventure of my life occurred in July 2001. I was invited to join the crew of the Russian Research Vessel Akademik Mistislav Keldysh to dive on the R.M.S. TITANIC. I was the seventy-second person to actually see the mighty lady at her final resting place two and one half miles under the cold Atlantic. Click here to see some pictures of my adventure.

My passions in life are my family, sailing, scuba diving and cooking. I have two published novels – Bravo Two Sierra and Code Alpha and I am currently working on my third – Jehovah Missing. In addition, I am also working on a screenplay, a collection of short stories entitled Tales From My Mind’s Eye, and an occult story about Tarot Cards set in the early twentieth century.

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